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Native Alkaline Guide To Eating Divinely

Native Alkaline Guide To Eating Divinely


Read our 1st Ebook designed to assist people in eating healthier, healing their body with food from nature, and innerstanding the importance of doing so. This book features 20+ vegan/alkaline diets to help you in the transition. It is written from a Torah perspective, which means the teachings of divine law for all of humanity. Thus, scriptural context is also placed in the book, providing an even deeper innerstanding on why we should eat from nature. 


*** Hard Copies Will Soon Be Available ***

  • Description

    This eBook will include recipes for break-fast, lunch, dinner and desserts. Consisting of mostly raw and some cooked meal options along with their recipes. A mineral substitute chart to help break bad cravings. It will also feature DIY tea remedies to assist with headaches, migraine, insomnia, fever, etc..

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