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The Many Smiles of Caverse

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More than a Holistic Business

Ishah Essence is a community based on love and truth. We provide all natural products, holistic services, retreats, educational courses, and a network of passionate, gifted individuals whose mission is to uplift the consciousness of people. Working together to create harmony in the mind, body, and soul. 

Learn About Self Healing 

Crowns & Jewelry 

Empress Warrior

View and customize your own crown set. Ideal for birthdays, graduations, anniversaries, special occasions. 



Are you looking for relaxation or energy healing? Yoga, sound healing, reiki, and more.

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Event Group

Join the movement. View events we will be set up at, events we will have, and retreats we will host.

Join The Community!

Become a member and get exclusive deals on products, retreats, and access to monthly meetings that include sound healing and meditation. Become a part of a community of like minded individuals sharing health, wealth, and the journey of ascension.  

About Empress

Meet Empress

Moments That Matter 

     Empress spends most of her time doing work in the community. This work entails educating, traveling, vending at events, hosting events, hosting retreats, creating products, and creating healing crystal jewelry. Check out the calendar to see where she will be next. You can also book a service, which has over the phone or in person meeting options. She looks forward to seeing and hearing from you! 

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Isidra Garcia

Experiencing Sound Healing with Empress is truly a One of a Kind Unique experience. The vibrations of the bowls resonating throughout my body in tune with her Stillness and Peace is a truly refreshing experience. I 100% co-sign with anyone who decides to experience Empress’ Sound Healing sessions as a reward unlike any other deeply personal and spiritual event.

Robyn Mozell

Healing is a powerfully rewarding journey and Empress’s Caverse Creation makes this journey so much more worthwhile by remedying oral issues naturally. I absolutely love her toothpaste, her products, her sound healing sessions and will continue to advocate that more people invest in her brilliant healing creations.

Darrin Brown

Empress and her products and services are a God send. From the products that I have used to include Caverse, the aura spray and parasite cleanse, I've found them to be powerfully effective. I've also had the pleasure of receiving both her sound healing and spiritual reading services. The sound healing sessions are transportive and medicinal.... and the spiritual reading was totally on point, and the directives and forecast of things to come really resonated with me and offered me the confirmation to just sit back and trust the universe.

Reviews From Real People


Aura Array Spray Experiment

Aura Spray

Our Aura Array Spray is specifically designed to brighten your aura, lift your spirits and keep negative energy away. Watch and see as it was tested in live time. 

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