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About Empress


      Being a holistic practitioner is something that I grew into gradually. I've been running my own company since 2017. As with many healers, my journey began with healing myself. It has always been satisfying to study and learn the essentials in life; which include science, nutrition, and metaphysics. I take it upon myself because I strongly believe knowledge is power, and I understand that only natural herbs can heal the world. Bettering communities and making an impact is what I strive to do because unity is my goal. 

     I thoroughly enjoy connecting and bringing people together. I have a high intuition and love is my motivation. Throughout my work history I have enjoyed the many smiles of satisfaction I have obtained which has helped me realize my true gifts from God. There is a large spectrum of healing and I take pleasure in learning the many different avenues that spirits takes me through experience.  

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Facebook: Impress GemNeye

Instagram: @CaverseWorld & @EmpressImpire

Thank You For The Love & Support!

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