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Copper Jewelry Adornments


Custom Copper Crowns

Quarts and Amethyst Crown
Tourmalinated Quarts Crown
Big Quarts Choker


Copper Wrapped Crystal &  Crystal Beaded Necklaces 

Eye Of Horus Necklace

All of our jewelry are hand crafted  pieces and charged with high vibrational energy. Some of our pieces are made to order, so you patience is deeply appreciated in  regards to your order. 

Rose Quarts Nose To Earring Chain

Crystal Chain Ear Cuff To Nose Ring

Septum Rings, Ear Cuffs, & Crystal Chains.

Tiger Eye Nose To Earring Chain
Amethyst Ring


Hand Crafted Crystal Rings

Amethyst Ring


Hand Crafted Copper Ear Rings

Tourmalinated Earrings
Tourmalinated Earrings
Amethyst Arm Band

Bracelets & Arm Cuffs

Hand Crafted Bracelets, Bangles, & Arm Cuffs

Copper Bangles
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