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Sound Healing & Reiki

In person

  • 1 h
  • 130 US dollars
  • Whats best for us

Service Description

Reiki and it's benefits: Reiki is an energy healing technic using the hands and energy of the practitioner. It soothes, cleanses the aura, reduces stress and anxiety, What is Sound Healing? Sound healing has the ability to relieve ailments and clear the chakras of unbalanced energy. The frequencies move the energy and etheric body, realigning the frequencies each chakra is oscillating at. Sound healing is known to often put clients to sleep, ease stress, and alleviate tension in the body. What are the Chakras? There are 7 main portals aligning the spinal cord from the coccyx to the very top of the head, the crown. These portals are where all of your energies flow in and out. Holding on to energy and avoiding excretion of energy (exercise) creates blockages, thus creating discomfort and or dis-ease in the body. When the chakras are balanced it creates harmony in the human being. Some things you can do to help balance your chakras include yoga, sound healing, breathing exercises, tai-chi, and meditation. What Is the Aura? The aura is the light of the chakras shining through your body. You have an electrical charge that emits because you are energy. The aura expands 7ft. surrounding you. Most people think that it is the body that houses the soul, but in fact it is the soul that houses the body. When learning to see energy or the aura that surrounds people or things, you can start seeing the light that it emits. How you feel and what you eat play a large part in the colors you emit from your aura. It is constantly changing and never stays the same.

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